• [The Original Rock Speaker ]
    Hand-crafted in the USA, Rockustics products are built to last while giving you the great sound you want for outdoor spaces.
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Fade Resistant

Proprietary resin has color that goes all the way through, meaning even if a rock’s surface becomes chipped you won’t see a gray or white scar. The impregnated resin allows for natural weathering much like a real rock.

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Fully Weatherproof

Rockustics speakers can be left outdoors year-round and can withstand virtually any kind of weather or climate, even high-humidity or salty coastal environments.

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High Fidelity Audio

High-fidelity is achieved by minimizing unnatural resonances, maximizing dispersion in the open air, and using professionally designed crossovers and components.

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New Rockustics Rock Speakers Bring Commercial Audio Outdoors

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Long considered exclusive to residential installations, Rockustics speakers are increasingly seen in commercial applications. The reason? They seamlessly integrate into the existing landscaping and they perform to commercial standards. Rockustics speakers can blend in easily with surroundings or become part of the motif. They are a perfect addition to theme parks, shopping plazas, hotel courtyards, outdoor cafes and many other commercial applications

Theft Protection

These speakers are hefty and thick; they won’t break, and they’re heavy enough to deter someone from trying to walk away with one. Rockustics speakers can also be outfitted with the optional RB-1 security bracket.

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The Original Rock Speaker

Originally built in 1987, the esteemed Rockustics rocks sold today are the result of decades of engineering innovation and artistic craftsmanship.

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Custom Speakers

Choose from a large variety of styles with standard colors that emulate the natural beauty of most environments. Unique needs? We’ll fabricate pieces and color match for your specific needs

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